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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who all are eligible to join SAOSA?

Any person who has graduated from St. Anne's Convent School, Chandigarh, India is eligible to become a member of SAOSA.

Q. I am a proud product of St. Anne's Convent School and I wish that my child should also experience the delight of learning in St. Anne's Convent. Can SAOSA help me in realizing this dream?

Definitely. It is well known that admission process in St. Anne's Convent School is very fair and due to overwhelming number of parents seeking admission for their kids in this school, the chances of securing admission becomes bleak. However, SAOSA and St. Anne's Convent have an understanding wherein a few seats are reserved for wards of SAOSA members.

Q. Why should I join SAOSA?

Well, the reply to this uestion is as straight forward as the question itself.
First, becoming a member of SAOSA will help you to meet your old batchmates, who were your best of friends, with whom you would have at some point of time shared lunch and candies, and borrowed books and other stationery.
Second, you would feel the warmth of being associated with your Alma Mater, and help improve the system by providing positive feedback and recommending positive changes. Moreover, the school authorities are receive such ideas with open mind and adapt to such recommendations.

Q. Is it necessary for all old studients to become members of SAOSA?

No. Membership to SAOSA is purely voluntary.

Q. I don't reside in Chandigarh. Can I become a member of SAOSA?

Certainly, in fact SAOSA has many members on its rolls who reside outside Chandigarh. The list of such members include the offices in the Indian Army, doctors, and IT professionals.

Q. Can ex-students of St. Anne's Convent residing outside India also join SAOSA?

Sure. all ex-students of St. Anne's Convent School are welcome to join. Boundaries drawn on maps cannot prevent anyone from being connected to one's roots!

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